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Our Exclusive Advertising Packages
Advertising packages are supplied via our MyTrafficClub™ website

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Business Details

We are NOT an Investment, HYIP, MLM, Matrix, Cycler or Currency Exchange site.
We offer a powerful advertising platform for our members to promote their 3rd party businesses, programs or referral links.
As well as driving traffic to our members websites, they can also receive a share of our profits received from sales of our products, returning up to 150% per Media-pack purchased!

Referral Program

At URS we share the profits for every product purchase with all members who have an active Media pack - Instantly!
We provide a generous referral bonus for those members who promote their personal referral links and introduce new advertisers to our program.
They receive 10% referral commissions on ALL purchases by their Level 1 referrals - And 2% on their Level 2 referrals.

Program Details

Media packs start from as little as $1 each and mature at $1.20. Profits can only be shared when we receive sales, if we receive no sales then there will be no profits - simple mathematics.
Please note: All earnings are split according to the Level Media pack purchased, some of the earnings goes into your cash balance, the rest goes to your re-purchase balance to ensure ongoing income for all our members!

Our Media-Packs


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